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The Society of Natural Therapists & Researchers Inc

Welcome to our website.

The Society of Natural Therapists & Researchers Inc. (SNTR) was formed in 1994.  This society was set up primarily to provide a professional standard body for therapists to register under and to provide a data base of professional therapists that you the client could draw from with confidence.    

SNTR registered  therapists have satisfied the Society's Professional Standards Committee in academic qualifications and practical experience. 

SNTR Therapists are committed to on-going training or research and must apply annually and meet the required standards before receiving their yearly practising certificate.

SNTR membership is eclectic and covers a wide range of modalities to match your individual therapy preferences or need.

SNTR is an affiliated signatory member of  Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand.  This means that all SNTR full members listed are entitled to register with the Charter.

SNTR predates Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand and has been supporting Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand since its inception in 1995.

SNTR welcomes new therapists as members.

SNTR therapists welcome enquiries so please feel free to directly contact any therapist shown on the Therapist tab.